Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spice(s) of Life: Part I

For those of us who have been eating GF for more than a week, I think I can honestly say that food can get, shall we say...




And generally uninspired.

And that especially goes for GF foods that have more thought put into the packaging design than the product within. 

This made me frustrated. And it still does. But there are some simple things that can be done to create foods that have a bit more LIFE to them. And they're really quite easy. (I'm all about easy in the kitchen!) 

Let me introduce you to my good friend Spice Cupboard. I think you'll be friends.

Note: The only downside to this is the up-front cost...dried spices cost money. Serious money, depending on where you buy. Don't purchase at the major supermarkets, especially if you are creating your spice closet for the first time, unless you want to pay top-dollar. And for that matter, forgo the cute glass jars, too. Your dinner isn't going to taste very (possibly any) different if your spice came out of a bulk container or artistically-inspired packaging. Choosing the less asthetically-pleasing jar often translates to a savings of $2-3 dollars per jar, and can often mean you get more spice for the lower price. So shop around.

Any food (but especially gluten-free, in my opinion) can always use a little extra flavor, be in savory or sweet or spicy...however you like it. Below are several lists to build upon in creating your own flavor haven.

Basic spice cupboard list:

Sea salt
Black pepper (Grinders are good for both salt and pepper, as it gives a wider grain and more flavor to your food!)
Chili powder
Garlic powder
Celery salt

Others that you may want to add (to diversify your combinations):

Dried citrus (orange peel, lemon peel, etc.)
Cilantro leaves
White pepper
Dill Weed
Dried mustard

Spice blends can sometimes be gluten-free, too. Check the labels on these:**

Chinese Five-spice blend
Lemon-Pepper blend
Italian seasoning blend
Mexican blends (Taco or chili seasoning)
Garam masala (Indian blend)

**Note: Spice blends (most often sold in bottles) are simply spices and preservatives, and will be noted in the ingredient list as such. Any of the seasoning packets (not bottled) very often DO contain gluten. Please use caution!


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